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3rd Baltic Earth Conference
Earth system changes and Baltic Sea coasts
Jastarnia, Hel peninsula, Poland
1 - 5 June 2020




BALTEX Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin


International BACC II Conference

Tallinn, Estonia, 6 - 7 September 2012

Thank you to all participants for a successful conference!

Special thanks to the BACC II authors and in particular to the speakers who took on the effort to summarize the chapter results in overview presentations.

Please go to the BACC Blog for a brief summary of the conference...


The objective of BACC II is to provide the scientific community with an assessment of ongoing climate variation and change in the Baltic Sea basin, and its impacts on the environment and the human sphere. BACC II is an update to the BACC book, covering 6 years of new findings and new aspects. The BACC book to which 84 authors from all around the region contributed was published by Springer in January 2008.

New insights, new aspects

Some aspects of regional climate change will be treated in more detail in BACC II. These include:

  • An assessment of past climate variability in the Baltic Sea region over the Holocene (10.000 years back) and the past 1.000 years
  • A more detailed analysis of sea level change in the Baltic Sea
  • A critical description of methods for describing regional climate futures
  • An assessment of climate change impacts on socio-economic properties, e.g. on cities
  • A chapter on attributing causes of regional climate change


The BACC II Conference has two major goals:

  • to discuss and review the new scientific results and developments with the scientific community, and
  • to create awareness of the BACC II results and discuss possible related societal and management implications with relevant stakeholders and the public in large

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