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3rd Baltic Earth Conference
Earth system changes and Baltic Sea coasts
Jastarnia, Hel peninsula, Poland
1 - 5 June 2020



Advanced Training School on Remote Sensing/Earth Observation

Applications of Remote Sensing in the Baltic Sea region

15 - 20 September 2019 in Võru Kubija Spa, Estonia
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Travel and Accomodation

By air

The best way is first to fly to Tallinn Lennart Meri International Airport at Ülemiste (IATA code: TLL).

If you arrive at Tartu Airportthere is only a late night flight from Helsinki and a very early morning flight back. It is operated by Finnair. If you arrive in on Tartu Airport, you have to take a taxi from the Airport to your accommodation or the Airport Express to the centre. Read more from here.

Riga airport has more numerous connections with rest of Europe than Tallinn has, so considering Riga is an option. There are about 6 bus services a day between two cities (250 km apart), both ways; see Lux Express or Ecolines for schedules and tickets. Some buses depart from airport but not all, so check Riga coach station as a departure point as well.

By bus

Arriving at Tallinn Airport it is best to take one of the frequent buses to Tartu, check the following website for information. The distance is 180 km and the travel time about 2:30 h. Please make sure that you put in "Tallinn Airport" (Tallinna lennujaam). The tickets can be purchased in advance from the website. However, if the plane is late you lose the ticket. The vending machine takes credit cards. 

From Tallinn to Tartu it is also possible to travel by bus from Tallinn Bus Station (Tallinna bussijaam) to Tartu Bus Station (Tartu bussijaam). Check the schedules https://www.tpilet.ee/en/.

By train

Tartu has a train station so travel to Tartu by rail is also possible. From the Tallinn Lennart Meri International Airport you have to go to Ülemiste station (1 km walk). To do so, exit the airport to the tram station (on the right of the customs exit). Take tram number 4 (2 stations) To Ülemiste jaam. Check the schedules here for trains from Tallinn to Tartu.


Accommodation in Hotel Kubija is pre-booked for successful applicants by the organizers.
Link to the hotel´s homepage: https://www.kubija.ee/en/.



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