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3rd Baltic Earth Conference
Earth system changes and Baltic Sea coasts
Jastarnia, Hel peninsula, Poland
1 - 5 June 2020



Baltic Earth Senior Advisory Board (BESAB)

approved by BESSG as of 18 June 2014

Terms of Reference

1. Tasks of the BESAB are to

  • to provide advice to the Baltic Earth Science Steering Group (BESSG) in terms of strategy and overall directions;
  • to provide insight and contacts to relevant stakeholders, international boards and funding organizations;
  • to assist in acquiring financial support for specific Baltic Earth activities which require additional funding;
  • to meet at least annually, either on site or via telephone conference call;
  • to strictly give advice, no decisions are taken by the SAB.

2. Term

  • For chairs and members: 2 years (starting June 2014), with possibility for renewal.

3. Election and approval

  • Criteria for membership: extensive international experience in a specific field of Baltic Earth, scientifically and in preferably in research management;
  • As far as possible, gender, country, institutional and scientific discipline balance to be considered,
  • Chairperson and new members to be suggested by BESSG and approved with qualified majority1,
  • Suggestion of a candidate to be communicated to all members at least 4 weeks prior to election and approval by a qualified majority1 of the BESSG,
  • Approval of membership changes by BESSG normally at a regular BESSG meeting, in important cases approval and election may be by E-mail between BESSG meetings,
  • Final official approval by the BESSG chair.

1 The “qualified majority” is 2/3 of BESSG members present at a meeting. A minimum of 1/2 of the BESSG must be present at a meeting for valid votes and to take decisions, this may include votes submitted prior to the meeting to the BESSG chair.

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