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3rd Baltic Earth Conference
Earth system changes and Baltic Sea coasts
Jastarnia, Hel peninsula, Poland
1 - 5 June 2020



A Doctoral Students Conference, jointly organized by Baltic Earth and the University of Tartu

Challenges for Earth system science in the Baltic Sea region: From measurements to models

10-14 August 2015
Physicum of University of Tartu and Island of Vilsandi, Estonia


Programme and presentations for download

(in chronological order as they were presented; bold are invited talks).
Not all presentations can be made available here as they contain unpublished material related to PhD projects.

Day 1 (University of Tartu - Museum)

Anna Rutgersson: Baltic Earth - Earth System Science for the Baltic Sea region
Piia Post: Introduction to the Doctoral Conference "Challenges for Earth system science in the Baltic Sea region: From measurements to models"
Erki Tammiksaar: Meteorological Observatory of Dorpat/Tartu University - 150
Dörthe Röhrbein: About the Quality of Historical Observation Data from Signal Stations along the Southern Baltic Sea Coast
Ülle Napa: Current and historical patterns of heavy metals pollution in Estonia as reflected in natural media of different ages: ICP Vegetation, ICP Forests and ICP Integrated Monitoring data

Kaupo Komsaare: Air ion formation events at Tahkuse Observatory, Estonia

Sergei Gulev: Atmospheric transports and the vision of the propagation of Atlantic signals to Europe
Liisi Jakobson: Arctic teleconnections to Baltic Sea region
Velle Toll: Influence of the direct radiative effect of aerosols on atmospheric dynamics over Europe
Maris Palo: Electric wind in a Differential Mobility Analyzer

Aigars Lavrinovics: Filling the gaps: Applying the WRTDS model on interpolation of the major Latvian river loads to the Gulf of Riga

Day 2 (Physicum of University of Tartu)
Anders Omstedt:  Understanding the water and energy exchanges in the coupled atmosphere-land-ocean system
Sven-Erik Enno: Estimating ATDnet detection efficiency on the basis of Lightning Mapping Array
Yu Yang: Investigation of the climate impact on the snow and ice thickness in Lake Vanajavesi, Finland
Regina Alber: Diurnal cycle of precipitation in Estonia

Marcus Reckermann: Baltic Earth and BACC

Victor Alari: Response of water temperature to surface wave effects: experiments with the coupled NEMO-WAM
Naglaa F. Soliman: Potential Ecological Risk of Heavy Metals in Sediments from the Mediterranean Coast, Egypt
Pille Meinson: Continuous and high-frequency measurements in limnology: History applications and future challenges
Anna Rutgersson: Natural hazards and extreme events in the Baltic Sea region

Jüri Kamenik: Recurrence interval of Estonian precipitation extremes

Tanel  Voormansik: Analysis of convective storms in Estonia based on the data from polarimetric weather radars and lightning detectors
Eva Rocha: Tree-rings as an indicator of climatic and anthropogenic influences in urban environments – The case study of Stockholm
Hanno Ohvril: Atmospheric column transparency in Europe, 1906-2014
Margit Aun: Reconstruction of UVB and UVA radiation at Tõravere, Estonia, for years 1955-2003

Kairi Raabe: On the retrieval of the clumping index from multi-angular SWIR satellite imagery

Evelin Kangro: Validation of MERIS standard and processed data. Development of the relationship between phytoplankton absorption coefficient and chlorophyll-a concentration for remote sensing applications for large Estonian lakes
Day 3 (Island of Vilsandi - Rescue boat shed)
Jaak Jaagus: 150 years of meteorological observations at the Vilsandi maritime meteorological station: climate variability and climate changes
Kaie Kriiska: Forest belowgroundcarbon cycle in Estonia – Vilsandi case- study
Naima Kabral: Heavy metal accumulation in different parts of coniferous forest at Estonian ICP IM Vilsandi area

Katrin Saar: The effect of climate change and eutrophication on sediment phosphorus fractions: results of a long-term enclosure experiment

Urmas Raudsepp: Water circulation and nutrient dynamics in the Baltic Sea
Ilja Maljutenko: Circulation scheme of the Baltic Sea – based on the 40-year simulation with GETM
Toma Mingelaite: Coastal upwelling in the SE Baltic Sea: basic statistics
Palina Lapo: Verification of WRF-ARW model in Belarus
Andreas Lehmann: Atmospheric conditions forcing  large volume changes (LVCs) and major inflows (MBIs) to the Baltic Sea
Julian Alberto Gallego Urrea: Modelling the effects of NOx, SOx and NHx deposition on the Baltic Sea carbon system
Mariliis Kõuts: Long-term model study of nutrient and detritus dynamics in the Baltic Sea
Ivar Zekker: Smoothtemperaturedecreasing FOR nitrogen removal in cold (9-15° C) ANAMMOX biofilm reactor tests
Hannes Tõnisson: Observations and analysis of coastal changes in West Estonian Archipelago to study the impacts of climatic and sea-level fluctuations and wave parameters on shore processes




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