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3rd Baltic Earth Conference
Earth system changes and Baltic Sea coasts
Jastarnia, Hel peninsula, Poland
1 - 5 June 2020



A joint HyMex-Baltic Earth Workshop

Joint regional climate system modelling for the European sea regions

5 - 6 November 2015

Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

Rome, Italy


Regional climate system modelling for European sea regions – Aims of the workshop
Meier H.E.M., Reckermann M., Rutgersson A., Sannino G. and Somot S.

Topic 1: Development and evaluation of regional climate system models

Evaluation of simulated decadal variability over the Euro-Mediterranean region from ENSEMBLES to Med-CORDEX
Dell’Aquila A. and Mariotti A. (Oral)

Improved Regional Climate Model Simulation of Precipitation by a Dynamical Coupling to a Hydrology Model
Larsen M. A. D., Drews M., Christensen  J. H., Butts M. B. and Refsgaard J.C. (Oral)

Which complexity of regional climate system models is essential for downscaling of anthropogenic climate change for the North Sea?
Mikolajewiz U., Mathis M. and Elizalde A.(Oral)

On the resolution of inter-basin exchanges in numerical models: The example of Black Sea and Baltic Sea straits
Stanev E. V., Grashorn S., Grayek S. and Zhang Y.L.(Oral)

Mediterranean cyclone climatology: Assessment of an ensemble of coupled and uncoupled atmosphere-ocean regional climate models applying six cyclone tracking methods
Flaounas E., Gaertner M., Kelemen F., Lionello P., Sanchez E., Wernli H., Naveed A., Calmanti S., Conte D., Podrascanin Z., Reale M., Romera R. and  Somot S. (Oral)

Heat and freshwater budgets over the Mediterranean area from a new 34-year MED-CORDEX hindcast
Béranger, K., Anquetin S., Arsouze T., Bastin S., Bouin M-N., Berthou S., Boudevillain B., Claud C., Lebeaupin Brossier C., Delrieu G., Dubois C., Drobinski P., Froidurot S., Molinié G., Polcher J., Rysman J-F., Sevault F., Somot S. and  Stéfanon M. (Poster)

High-resolution downscaling of ERA40 for region of South East Europe with NMMB model
Djurdjevic V. and Krzic A. (Poster)

Very High Resolution Observations of Regional Climate from Offshore Platforms near the German Coast
Leiding T., Tinz B. and Gates L.

Heat and salt redistribution in the Mediterranean Sea. Insights from the MedCORDEX model ensemble
Llasses J., Jordà G., Gomis D., Adloff F., Macías-Moy D., Harzallah A., Arzouse T., Ahrens B., Li L., Elizalde A. and Sannino G. (Poster)

Mistral and Tramontane time series in (un)coupled regional climate simulations
Obermann A. and Ahrens B. (Poster)

Modeling the heat and the water balances including sea levels in the Mediterranean Sea
Omstedt A. and Shaltout M. (Poster)

Impact of land surface coupling on the Mediterranean continental water cycle
Stéfanon M. and Polcher J. (Poster)

Topic 2: Regional process studies and studies on the added value of coupled models with high resolution

Low frequency salinity variations in the Baltic Sea
Schimanke S. and Meier H.E.M. (Oral)

Carbon and total alkalinity budgets for the Baltic Sea
Gustafsson G., Deutsch B., Gustafsson B.G., Humborg C., Mörth C.-M., Omstedt A. and Wällstedt T. (Oral)

A study of the heat budget of the Mediterranean Sea from MedCORDEX forced and coupled simulations
Harzallah A., Jordà G., Dubois C., Sannino G., Carillo A., Li L., Arsouze T., Cavicchia L., Beuvier J. and Akhtar N. (Oral)

The role of the ocean in the European climate dynamical downscaling
Sein D., Cabos W., Sidorenko D., Wang Q. and Jacob D. (Oral)

Impact of resolution and ocean-coupling on regional climate model simulations over the Mediterranean Sea
Akhtar N., Brauch J. and Ahrens B. (Oral)

Interannual variability of the deep water formation in the North-West Mediterranean Sea using a fully-coupled regional climate system model
Somot S., Houpert L., Sevault F., Testor P., Bosse A., Taupier-Letage I., Bouin M.-N., Waldman R., Cassou C., Durrieu de Madron  X., Adloff F. and Herrmann M. (Oral)

Results from simulations with a coupled regional atmospheric-ocean-ice model over the Baltic Sea
Christensen O. B., Tian T. and Boberg F. (Oral)

Direct and semi-direct aerosol radiative effect on the Mediterranean climate variability using a coupled regional climate system model
Nabat P., Somot S., Mallet M., Sevault F., Chiacchio M. and Wild M. (Oral)

Added value of interactive air-sea coupling assessed from hindcast simulations for the North and Baltic seas
Gröger M., Dieterich C., Schimanke S. and Meier H.E.M. (Oral)

Quasi-biennial oscillation effect on Baltic Sea region climate indicators: Lithuania’s case
Bukantis A. and Akstinas V. (Poster)

Topic 3: Extreme and high impact events

Temperature-precipitation extremes relationship in the Mediterranean: past climate assessment and projection in anthropogenic scenarios
Drobinski P., Da Silva N., Panthou G., Bastin S., Muller C., Ahrens B., Borga M., Conte D., Fosser G., Giorgi F., Güttler I., Kotroni V., Li L., Morin E., Onol B., Quintana-Segui P., Romera R. and Zsolt T. C. (Oral)

Spatiotemporal characterization of very long dry spells in the Mediterranean region
Raymond F., Ullman A., Camberlin P. and Drobinski P. (Oral)

Analysis of atmospheric and coupled ocean-atmosphere regional climate models capability to simulate tropical-like cyclones over the Mediterranean Sea from MedCORDEX and EUROCORDEX multimodel simulations
Gaertner M. Á., Sánchez E., Domínguez M., Romera R., Gil V., Gallardo C., Miglietta M.M. and the Med-CORDEX and EURO-CORDEX teams (Oral)

Spatiotemporal characterization of Mediterranean extreme precipitation events: a multi-model assessment
Cavicchia L., Scoccimarro E., Gualdi S., Ahrens B., Berthou S., Conte D., Dell’Aquila A., Drobinski P., Djurdjevic V., Dubois C., Gallardo C., Sanna A. and Torma C. (Oral)

The role of the atmospheric coupling in the ability of ORCHIDEE to simulate droughts
Polcher J. and Stéfanon M. (Poster)

Topic 4: Climate change impact studies and uncertainty assessments of projections using coupled model simulations

Climate change and anthropogenic impacts on Mediterranean Sea ecosystems for the end of the 21st century
Macias Moy D., Stips A. and Garcia-Gorriz E. (Oral)

Surface heat budget over the North Sea in climate change simulations
Dieterich C., Wang S., Schimanke S., Gröger M., Klein B., Hordoir R., Samuelsson P., Liu  Y., Axell L., Höglund A. and Meier H.E.M. (Oral)

Three ocean scenarios of the 2006-2100 period for the Mediterranean Sea with the regional climate system model CNRM-RCSM4
Sevault F., Somot S., Alias A. and Dubois C. (Oral)

Projected acidification of the Mediterranean Sea
Le Vu B., Orr J. C., Palmier J., Dutay J.-C., Sevault F. and Somot S. (Oral)

Evaluating the utility of dynamical regionalization of climate for predicting climate impacts on forests
Martin-St. Paul N., Stéfanon M., Guillemot J., Ruffault J., Francois C., Somot P., Dufrene E. and  Leadley P. (Poster)

Modelling climate change impact on hydroecological conditions of the Tyligulskyi Liman lagoon (north-western coast of the Black Sea)
Tuchkovenko Y. and Khokhlov V. (Poster)


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