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3rd Baltic Earth Conference
Earth system changes and Baltic Sea coasts
Jastarnia, Hel peninsula, Poland
1 - 5 June 2020



11-15 June 2018: 2nd Baltic Earth Conference in Helsingør, Denmark. The Baltic Sea in Transition.

Conference presentations

Monday 11 June 2018

Opening Session

Natural hazards and socio-technical vulnerabilities in the Baltic Sea Region
Guliano Di Baldassarre

Regional and Global Earth System Modelling Activities in MERGE
Paul Miller

Update on GEWEX in its 30th anniversary
Joan Cuxart

International science collaboration for ocean climate
Anne Christine Brusendorff

Baltic Earth Research: Challenges in the international context
Ulrich Bathmann

Topic A: Salinity dynamics

Haline convection due to sea ice brine rejection in the Northern Baltic Sea
Celine Gieße, H.E.M. Meier

Using model-based sub-regional EOF patterns to reconstruct temperature and salinity fields from observations
Jüri Elken, M. Zujev

Analysis of factors influencing the salinity of Baltic inflows and how these may change with sea level rise
Lars Arneborg

The Słupsk Sill overflow – mixing hot spot of eastward spreading saline water
Volker Mohrholz, T. Heene

Long-term changes in stratification in the Baltic Sea
Taavi Liblik, U. Lips

Impact of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on Baltic Sea variability
Florian Börgel, C. Frauen, T. Neumann, S. Schimanke, H. E. M. Meier

Atmospheric Forcing of Major Baltic Inflows in a 750 Years Simulation
Claudia Frauen, F. Börgel, H.E.M. Meier

Decadal variations in barotropic inflow characteristics and their relationship with Baltic Sea salinity variability
Katharina Höflich, A. Lehmann

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Baltic Earth, Outreach and Communication
Hans von Storch

Topic B: Land-sea-atmosphere biogeochemical feedbacks

Deep submarine groundwater discharge indicated by pore water chloride anomalies in the Gulf of Gdańsk, southern Baltic Sea
Beata Szymczycha, Ż. Kłostowska, K. Kuliński, A. Winogradow, J. Jakacki, Z. Klusek, M. Grabowski, A. Brodecka-Goluch, B. Graca, M. Stokowski, K. Koziorowska, D. Rak

Nutrient retention along the Swedish coastline
Moa Edman, K. Eilola, E. Almroth-Rosell, HEM. Meier, I. Wåhlström, L. Arneborg

Organic matter mineralization in Baltic Sea deep waters: Rates and stoichiometry
Bernd Schneider

The acid-base system of the Baltic Sea
Karol Kuliński, M. Stokowski, B. Szymczycha, K. Hammer, K. Koziorowska, A. Winogradow, M. Lengier, Ż. Kłostowska, B. Schneider

BONUS INTEGRAL: Improved Biogeochemical Monitoring and Greenhouse Gas Flux assessment for the Baltic Sea through high resolution trace gas data acquisition(BONUS-INTEGRAL contribution)
Gregor Rehder, A. Rutgersson, L. Laakso, K. Kuliński, U. Lips, H. W. Bange, K. Andreasson, J. Shutler, and the BONUS INTEGRAL science party

High resolution nutrient data to unravel the post-spring bloom elemental cycling in the central Baltic Sea(BONUS-INTEGRAL contribution)
Anja Eggert, B. Schneider, T. Neumann, G. Rehder

Using land-based sites for air-sea interaction studies
Anna Rutgersson, H. Pettersson, E. Nilsson, H. Bergström, M. B. Wallin, E. D. Nilsson, E. Sahlée, L. Wu, E. M. Mårtensson (BONUS-INTEGRAL contribution)

Variation of organic carbon cycling modulated by benthic animals in the Baltic Sea in the past six decades
Wenyan Zhang, U. Daewel, K. Wirtz, C. Schrum

Topic C: Natural hazards and high impact events 

Reproduction of 10m-wind and sea level pressure fields during extreme storms with regional and global atmospheric reanalyses in the North Sea and the Baltic
Natacha Fery, B. Tinz, A. Ganske, L. Gates

Baltic storm surge event Axel along the German Baltic Sea coast in a climate perspective
Nicolaus Groll, R. Weisse, L. Gaslikova

Storm surge modelling in the Baltic Sea using the high-resolution PM3D model
Halina Kowalewska-Kalkowska, M. Kowalewski

The atmospheric circulation as a driver of dry spell in Poland
Joanna Wibig

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Baltic Sea Operational Oceanographic System (BOOS) – a stimulator to Baltic Earth system research
Jun She, P. Andersson, T. Kõuts, D. Mirawslov, J. H.Reißmann, L. Tuomi

Topic C: Natural hazards and high impact events

Non-stationary modeling of extremes in water levels along the Baltic Sea coast
Nadia Kudryavtseva, K. Pindsoo, T. Soomere

Rogue Waves in the southern North Sea
Ina Teutsch

Integrated coastal hazard risk reduction and management – a closer look at the dynamical damage cost methodology used in the COHERENT project
Kirsten Halsnæs, M. A. Dahl Larsen, N. Drønen, F. Bach Kristensen, C. Sørensen, B. Brahtz Christensen

ERA5: High temporal and spatial resolution reanalyses as a tool to investigate high impact events and other natural hazards in the Baltic Earth region
Martin Stendel

Topic D: Sea level dynamics, coastal morphology and erosion

Building natural morphologies for effective beach nourishment
Kevin Parnell

Identification of extreme storm tides with high impact potential for the German North Sea coast
Ralf Weisse, L. Gaslikova, I. Grabemann

Sea level change: mapping municipality needs for climate information
Kristine S. Madsen, J. Murawsky, J. She, P. L. Langen

Interannual coastal processes in Estonia, Peraküla beach monitored by laser scanning technology
Maris Eelsalu, K. Pindsoo, T. Soomere, K. Julge

On the water level measurements in the Gulf of Riga during 1961–2016
Rain Männikus, T. Soomere, N. Kudryavtseva

Radar remote sensing of the meteo-marine parameters in the Baltic Sea
Sander Rikka, R. Uiboupin, A. Pleskachevsky, V. Alari, S. Jacobsen, T. Kõuts

Modeling patchiness on the sea surface caused by the interplay of winds and currents in the Gulf of Finland
Andrea Giudici, J. Kalda, T. Soomere

Seasonal variability of diurnal seiches in Gulf of Riga
Vilnis Frishfelds, J. Sennikovs, U. Bethers

Topic E: Regional variability of water and energy exchanges

Enhancement of radar rainfall estimates for Estonian territory through optical flow temporal interpolation
Jorma Rahu, T. Voormansik, P. Post

The critical role of atmospheric forcing for simulating the dynamics of the Baltic Sea ecosystem
Ute Daewel, C. Schrum, B. Geyer

Changing effect of large scale atmospheric circulation on the regional climate variability of the Baltic Sea over the period 1948-2017
Andreas Lehmann, P. Post, K. Höflich

A descriptive analysis of the linkage between the vertical stratification and current oscillations in the Gulf of Finland
Irina Suhhova, T. Liblik, M.-J. Lilover, U. Lips

Thursday 14 June 2018

Topic E: Regional variability of water and energy exchanges

Model estimates of climate and streamflow changes in the Western Dvina River basin
Irina Danilovich, S. Zhuravlev, L. Kurochkina, A. Kvach

Water balance assessment using SWAT for Russian subcatchment of Zapadnaya Dvina River
Pavel Terskii, A. Kuleshov

Wind and Turbulence Measurements with RPA during the ISOBAR Campaign
Alexander Rautenberg, M. Schön, K. zum Berge, H. Mashni, P. Manz, S. Kral, L. Baserud, J. Reuder, R. Kouznetsov, E. O'Connor, I. Suomi, T. Vihma, J. Bange

Temporal behavior of atmospheric circulation types in Marmara Region (NW Turkey) 27_July_2017_hail.mp4
Hakki Baltaci

Topic F: Multiple drivers of environmental changes

Quantifying the land-use climate forcing in the past: a modelling approach focusing on Europe and the Holocene (LandClim II)
Esther Githumbi, A.-K. Trondman, R. Fyfe, E. Kjellström, J. Lindström, Z. Lu, F. Mazier, A. B. Nielsen, A. Poska, B. Smith, G. Strandberg, S. Sugita, Q. Zhang, M.-J. Gaillard

Long term impacts of societal and climatic changes on nutrient loading to the Baltic Sea
Marianne Zandersen, S. Pihlainen, K. Hyytiäinen, H. Estrup Andersen, M. Jabloun, E. Smedberg, B. Gustafsson, A. Bartosova, H. Thodsen, H.E.M. Meier, S. Saraiva, J. E. Olesen, D. Swaney, M. McCrackin

Variability of nutrient concentrations in the western Baltic Sea between 1995 and 2017
Joachim Kuss, G. Nausch, M. Naumann, D. Schulz-Bull

Recently accelerated oxygen consumption rates amplify deoxygenation in the Baltic Sea – observations and model results
H. E. Markus Meier, G. Väli, M. Naumann, K. Eilola, C. Frauen

Hypoxic to euxinic conditions in the Baltic Sea 1969-2016 – a seasonal to decadal spatial analysis
Michael Naumann, S. Feistel, G. Nausch, T. Ruth, J. Zabel, M. Plangg, M. Hansson, L. Andersson, L. Viktorsson, E. Lysiak-Pastuszak, R. Feistel, D. Nehring, W. Matthäus, H. E. M. Meier

Shipping and the environment in the Baltic Sea region - results of the BONUS SHEBA project.
Markus Quante, J. Moldanova, M. Eriksson, E. Fridell, J.-P. Jalkanen, V. Matthias, J. Tröltzsch, M. Kalr, I. Maljutenko and the Sheba Team

Temperature variability of the Baltic Sea since 1850 in model simulations and observations and attribution to variability in the atmosphere
Madline Kniebusch, H. E. M. Meier, T. Neumann

Physical oceanography sets the scene for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive implementation in the Baltic Sea
Kai Myrberg, S. Korpinen, L. Uusitalo

Friday 15 June 2018

The development of climate science of the Baltic Sea region
Anders Omstedt

Topic G: Regional climate system modelling

Do we know more about climate change than during PRUDENCE?
Ole Bøssing Christensen, M.A.D. Larsen, M. Drews, M. Stendel, J. H. Christensen

Evaluation of a regional climate system model for the Baltic Sea region
Sandra-Esther Brunnabend, M. Placke, C. Frauen, F. Börgel, M. Schmidt, T. Neumann, H. E. M. Meier

Assessment of ocean circulation models for their applicability in the Baltic Sea (link to the Open Access paper)
Manja Placke, H. E. M. Meier, U. Gräwe, T. Neumann, Y. Liu

Projected Changes in Baltic Sea Upwelling in Climate Change Scenarios
Christian Dieterich, M. Gröger, S. Schimanke, L. Arneborg, H. E. M. Meier

High resolution discharge simulations over Europe and the Baltic Sea catchment
Stefan Hagemann, T. Stacke, H. T. M. Ho-Hagemann

The BALTIC and NORTH SEAS CLIMATOLOGY (BNSC) - a comprehensive, observation-based data product of atmospheric and hydrographic parameters
Iris Hinrichs, A. Jahnke-Bornemann, V. Gouretski, A. Andersson, B. Klein, R. Saddikni, N. Schade, D. Stammer, B. Tinz

Copernicus regional reanalysis for Europe
Semjon Schimanke, P. Lundén, M. Ridal, L. Isaksson, L. Edvinson

Climate Change in Estonia – warmer weather patterns or more warm weather patterns?
Mait Sepp, P. Post, M. Lakson

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