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3rd Baltic Earth Conference
Earth system changes and Baltic Sea coasts
Jastarnia, Hel peninsula, Poland
1 - 5 June 2020



ESA, the European Space Agency, organizes this Workshop on the potential of satellite remote sensing applications for scientific research in the Baltic Sea region. Baltic Earth acts as co-organizer of the scientific part.

Dynamicum, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki
29-31 March 2017


  1. To review the main requirements from geo-information in the Baltic Region from science to information services;
  2. To review the main activities, projects and initiatives taking place in the region where Earth Observation may contribute;
  3. To assess the potential of the increasing observation capacity offered by satellites to address the needs for science, applications and future information services;
  4. To characterise gaps and identify high-level requirements and associated solutions for support ICT infrastructure in the Baltic region, including the basis for developing a Baltic Regional Earth Observation Exploitation Platform.

The workshop is organised around invited oral presentations and discussions. Sessions are designed around dedicated topics related to the workshop’s objectives.

Presentations given at the workshop are available on the workshop website...

Workshop Flyer here...


Workshop Flyer

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