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3rd Baltic Earth Conference
Earth system changes and Baltic Sea coasts
Jastarnia, Hel peninsula, Poland
1 - 5 June 2020



ESA-Baltic Earth Workshop on

Earth Observation in the Baltic Sea region

Online, 21 September 2020

co-organized by European Space Agency and the International Baltic Earth Secretariat at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht

This full one-day collocation meeting aims at exposing the results of on-going/recently completed ESA projects conducted in the Baltic Sea region. The objective of the meeting is to define potential synergies and follow-up activities in support to science priorities in the Baltic Sea region.

The following ESA BALTIC+ projects are invited to present their preliminary results and experiences in the project.

List of BALTIC+ projects

BALTIC+ Geodetic SAR for Baltic Height System Unification (SAR-HSU)

BALTIC+ Salinity Dynamics

BALTIC+ Sea-Land biogeochemical linkages (SeaLaBio)

BALTIC+ SEAL – Sea Level

In addition, all scientists from the Baltic Sea region interested in the application of Earth Observation technology to Earth system science in the Baltic Sea region are invited to join the workshop. Presentations will be given by representatives of the above projects and invited scientists. There will be a large brainstorming and discussion section.

If you are interested to join the workshop, please send an e-mail to balticearth@hzg.de, with your full name, affiliation and research interest.

Registered participants will receive a participation link prior to the workshop. Depending on the platform and number of interests, it may not be possible to accommodate all requests to participate. More information will be distributed later.

Download the Workshop Booklet (Programme, Abstracts, Participants) here...

Presentations of the Workshop (password protected)


Dr. Jérôme Benveniste
Senior Advisor - European Space Agency (ESA-ESRIN)
Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes
EO Science, Applications and Climate Department
Frascati (Roma), Italy
E-mail: Jerome.Benveniste@esa.int

Dr. Marcus Reckermann
International Baltic Earth Secretariat, Head
Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany
E-Mail: marcus.reckermann@hzg.de



Workshop Booklet: Programme, Abstracts, Participants
(password protected)

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